Sell My Home Fast In Houston – 5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Quickly

“Help! I’m Trying To Figure Out How To Sell My Home Fast In Houston”

5 Tips For Home Sellers

If you own a house in Houston and want to sell it quickly, this blog post is for you.  Here are five tips that will help you sell your house quickly, without any of the hassles that usually accompany this tiresome process.

Tip #1 – Skip The Fix-Up

Can’t sell your house as quickly as you want to? The reason is probably the renovations, repairs, upgrades, improvements and clean-up that are imperative before a house goes on the market.

Sell My Home Fast in Houston
The open living space at our first project in West Houston.

In my own case, I know that if I am planning to sell my home fast in Houston, then I have a lot of work to do first.  I cannot just tidy it up and list it in its current condition if I expect a retail buyer to fall in love with it.

The problem is, while real-estate agents are looking to sell your house, they are also looking to buy one for their buyers. This also means that they urge sellers to make renovations because they understand what a retail buyer wants.  Regrettably, the larger the renovation, the longer your sale is delayed, and the greater the likelihood that your buyer will be another real estate investor or house buyer (which defeats the purpose of listing it in the first place).

Tip #2 – Forget Retail

When a home is sold “on the market” (usually listed by an agent), the prospective buyers are normally referred to as “retail buyers,” meaning that the buyers are looking to buy a home that they want to live in. As these buyers are working on their own timeline, which might not necessarily be your timeline, they are notorious for being unpredictable and prone to making emotional decisions (after all, it is their future home they are searching for). Often times retail buyers will tie up a home for weeks and pull out on the deal at last second, if repairs or concessions are not made… or have their bank loan fall through.  Do yourself a favor and consider selling to a professional home-buying company.

Tip #3 – Gather Your Data

One surprisingly time-consuming piece of the sales process is when the buyer requires information that the seller needs to find. This might include information such as when the HVAC unit was installed or when the roof was last shingled, etc. Homeowners who anticipate these questions and have the answers at their fingertips can usually accelerate the buyer’s timeline and potentially sell their homes faster.

Tip #4 – Reconsider The Agent

If you are selling a house that is, shall we say, cosmetically challenged, then you might want to reconsider the cost/benefit formula for selling through a real estate agent.

An agent is motivated to sell your house and make their best efforts to get the best price for it.  And no question, that is important.  But are they going to be able to deliver on that, if your house needs work?

Let’s consider their situation; your house might not be their only listing, and the better, more savvy agents will focus their energies on pretty houses that are going to attract a buyer sooner, and generate a bigger sale price (of which they get a percentage). The implication is that they might not have your preferred timeline in mind – they may choose to delay if they think they can get a better offer.  Or if they understand that you are unwilling to really invest in upgrades or improvements, they may not as interested in putting as much effort into actually marketing your house to a wide audience – they will focus on selling another listing that they believe will sell quicker.

Gambling on the possibility of a slightly higher selling price; you are also betting on:

  • high commissions
  • hassles of open houses
  • strangers in and out at all hours
  • thousands of texts and phone calls
  • almost no privacy
  • no guarantees

You don’t have to live with these things hanging over your head. For some of us, that is simply too much stress.

All this added stress accumulates over what will likely be months in the process, and in the end, after paying the agents fees, seller concessions and holding costs, you may or may not be ahead of the game once you compare all the costs and time factors involved.

All of these headaches go away when you bypass an agent, work directly with us at Houston Westside Home Buyers, and sell your house faster.

We buy houses in Houston TX. We have the real estate knowledge, resources, and funds available to fix most real estate problems, that includes buying your Houston TX house in its current condition.

Tip #5 – Get Ready To Decide

It is our experience that homeowners who think they are ready to sell are not always truly ready. They WANT to sell but when the time comes to make a decision, they have difficulty moving forward. If you are really interested in selling fast, and you get in touch with a professional home buyer like us, get ready to start packing!  We can move very quickly and put proceeds in your hands in just a couple weeks, or we can work around your schedule.

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