Why Sell To Local Houston Investors?

The end result at our first project in West Houston.

Tenants just tore up your rental house and moved out, unannounced.  They didn’t pay, and you have a house that needs to be repaired before you can find new tenants.  This is starting to get to be more than just a nuisance of a few late night service calls.  This is really starting to get expensive, and that was certainly not the objective.

If you are already coming to the conclusion that everybody else involved in this venture is making money, except you, the owner, then you are not alone.  Contractors, tradesmen, real estate attorneys, property managers, real estate agents and brokers, they all seem to get their money out of that rental property – but for whatever reason, there just does not seem to be any cash flow left for you.

You might be better served to get out of this venture now, while the market prices are still high.

Imagine if you could get a fair price for that thing, not lose all the equity you have accumulated, and still manage to get a nice return on your investment.

We can show you how to you can achieve this.  This is not another ‘we buy houses for cash’ offer – we want to partner with you, as a fellow investor.  Imagine a win-win solution that involves:

  • No more tenants.  No more late night phone calls.  And no more costly repairs.
  • Getting out of that house without paying realtors or closing costs.  Zero.
  • Starting to finally put your investment savings to better use and generating positive returns sooner.

Or maybe everything is fine, and you are just ready to sell and move on with the next phase of your life.   Everybody has their own reasons, and we are here ready to listen.  Why not give us a call today, or if you prefer, simply enter your information in the form to the right, and let us contact you!  As always, no obligation, no pressure and no silliness — that is our promise to you.

– Houston Westside Home Buyers

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