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We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of tough situations… maybe the situation is something that the seller is facing personally, or it might be just the burden of the property itself.  Houses can be full of surprises, as we have learned!  We talk to a lot of sellers that have found themselves saddled with a burdensome property that has fallen into various stages of neglect, or deferred maintenance, or maybe it has just become too hard to keep up with.  Those are the situations where we are able to step in and add value.

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We like to say that we are local investors offering real solutions to sellers with challenging projects right here in Houston.  We hope you’ll see that reflected in these short videos in the links below.  These video series that we call ‘jobsite visits’ will give you a little insight about some of our projects that we have done, and introduce you do some of the people that we work with. 


Visit A Completed Flip near West Oaks in West Houston

Join us for a walk through at our completed flip project in West Houston.  This was a 3 bedroom 2 bath single story house in an established neighborhood, approximately 2200 square feet, which we sold in spring.  The house sold at nearly asking price, with multiple offers in only a couple days.

Jobsite Visit West Houston in Ashford Park

We purchased this house from a buyer living out of state.  The seller had inherited the property and truly had no interest in making the significant investments in doing a full renovation.  We provided a ready solution, providing a cash offer, and making the renovations.  This one proved to be a little more work than we anticipated, but that is the nature of these projects.  And we hope you will agree it came out well.


Visit A Renovation Project near the Energy Corridor in West Houston

Join us for another walk-through at a renovation currently underway in the April Village neighborhood, located close to the Energy Corridor in West Houston.  Realtor/Investor Azalia Mathis gives us a brief tour of her summer project here.

Jobsite Visit Energy Corridor

No major issues with foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing or electrical, fortunately — this project is going to be purely about upgrades, and installing new in place of the old.  You can see from our short walk-through above that this place was going to turn out beautiful.
And in fact, it did turn out quite nice!  Azalia agreed to give us a final tour of the place as it was nearing completion and so we’ll share that with you here:

Jobsite Final Visit Energy Corridor

The project did take longer than expected, but she made it through and the house really came out nice.  Somebody is going to love calling this place home.

Visit A High End Flip near Lake Woodlands

This was our first ever Jobsite Visit video, which we shot with Seth Hobbs of Hobbs Acquisitions.  This was a huge high end beautiful home just a few steps from Lake Woodlands.   Seth completed this project in just 7 weeks, which for him is standard procedure but as you will see here in this video, he has a well oiled machine going with an established process and no small amount of planning.

Jobsite Visit Lake Woodlands

Sometimes there are great houses out there, in prestigious neighborhoods in very desirable areas, but in need of some serious updating.  Experienced flippers, like Seth, are able to come in, make some changes to the floor plan, and update all the critical elements of the home, like the kitchen and the bath, and really generate a great deal of value.  But be aware that not everybody is able to take on a project of this site and complexity.  We are proud that Seth is one of the charter members of our group of local investors offering real solutions.




Why Houston Westside?

We are not just another ‘I buy houses’ entrepreneur out there posting bandit signs.  We have real experience doing flips and operating rental properties as landlords.  And because we are a group of investors, not just one individual, we have the ability to close on your house, and we have the demand for more properties.  And we have investors that buy properties in zip codes all over the 5 county area in and around Houston, so we are certainly not limited to the westside.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about Houston Westside Home Buyers, how we work, or to better understand the process of selling a house, feel free to reach and talk to us directly.  We are real people and we are very open and honest about what we do and how we do it.  Selling a house to an investor like us is not something that makes sense for everybody, and we will talk through your situation.

Learn more about how the process works here:   How It Works

We are the first to recognize that everybody has a unique situation, and most likely you have some questions or circumstances that we cannot anticipate.  If you have questions, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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