Sell My Rental House In Houston!

The idea was to purchase a good house in a good neighborhood, fix it up and rent it out.  Rent proceeds cover the mortgage and over time the house is paid down, while home values appreciate.  You generate real wealth, taking a passive role.  Or at least, that was the plan.

Then you realized the reality of what it means to be a landlord.  Tenants and toilets are eating up all your cashflow.  Suddenly it seems like everybody involved in the process is generating some returns from this rental property except you, the investor who gets stuck with the bill every time something goes wrong.

Now all you can think of is how can I sell my rental house in Houston!

As you already have determined, being a landlord is a lot harder than it looks – and it certainly isn’t passive investing!

  • Do You Own a ‘Money Pit’ Rental Property That Is Draining Your Savings?
  • Do You Have Frustrating or Abusive Tenants That Are Tearing Up Your Rental Property?
  • Do You Own Vacant Rental Property or You Are Continually Dealing With Tenant Turnover?
  • Do You Own Rental Property Suffering From Deferred Maintenance?
  • Do You Struggle With Constant Upkeep and Repairs?
  • Did You Inherit Property That Needs Some Upgrades Or Improvements?
  • Do Holding Costs and Property Taxes Eat Up What Remains of Your Cash Flow?
Sell My Rental House in Houston
Sell My Rental House in Houston

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, rest assured you are not alone.

Almost every week we talk to somebody that is just no longer interested in being a landlord.  They just want out.  If you are asking yourself “how to sell my rental house in Houston”, without another round of costly repairs and without losing all the equity and investment gains that you have built up, then we would like to visit with you more.

Are you wondering if now is the time to sell?  Many real estate professionals and other local investors in Houston believe that we are at or near the top of the current market cycle.  If you are contemplating the idea of selling that rental property here in Houston at some point, then it probably would make sense to do that sooner rather than later, while you can still get top dollar.

As I type this, I am looking out my window at the house across the street, which was also at one time a rental property, until a bad set of tenants ruined it.  We got to know the owner during this process, and I’d like to share this story, as just one anecdotal example of what we see happening to part-time landlords all the time.

Tenants From Hell – Twice!

The owner was just trying to help some people by offering them a safe and clean home to live in, and they turned out to be the tenants from hell.  Once the owner was able to get those tenants out, she set about starting the repairs.  She was able to fix the place up as best she could, but not as well as it was before.  But fortunately she was able to rent it out again, and things seemed like it would be alright.  Then the whole story happened again.  Only this time she couldn’t get the tenants out.  At one point, they actually called the sheriff on her, the landlord!  Now she was not being paid, again, and starting to miss mortgage payments to the bank.  And again she was forced to try to fix it up as best she could.

Fortunately some friends and neighbors, including our own Mister Craig, came to her aid to make some minor spot repairs, and she was able to get it back to something close to presentable sellable condition.  She still had to sell it for far less than she should have, and she retained the services of a good local realtor that lives in our neighborhood in West Houston.  Unsurprisingly, it didn’t sell right away.  The first buyers had to back out, because the house didn’t pass inspection.  Then a second buyer emerged, thankfully, at the eleventh hour, because by now she was facing foreclosure, and the bank fees and penalties were piling up.  In the end, it worked out, fortunately, but it was very sad to watch this happen.  She was depending on this rental income to supplement her retirement, and now that is gone.

Don’t let this be you.  Don’t let bad tenants and inadequate reserves put your property at risk like this.

We can help you take control of your time, regain your sanity and still manage to generate a monthly return on your investment.

We Buy Properties Cash Or Terms

We will make a fair offer for your house, either cash or terms, and remove that burden.

Sell Your House in Houston
Renovated House in West Houston

We do not plan to use it as rental property, and we do not plan to resell it the traditional way, so as a result we are able to offer a little more to prospective sellers than most investors out there.

Essentially we partner with you to create the best solution.  In doing so, we will help you Sell Your Houston House For More.

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